The Starfish motto is
Your People Our Business

Our purpose is to make a real difference to you,
your teams and your organization by producing
sustainable improved performance and change
at a business, team and individual level.

At Starfish we aim to make a difference through

  • Driving your business performance by creating and developing high performing and aligned Individuals and teams.

  • Transforming non-performing and dysfunctional teams into functional, working and performing teams, contributing positively to the business and adding value.

  • Team Effectiveness getting teams working more effectively together, helping each other succeed, adding more value to the business and working towards becoming a high performing team.

  • Building strong and effective relationships within the business which then remove the blockages and barriers that stand in the way of improved performance

  • Engaging your people assets, getting people to take responsibility, becoming a positive force in your organisation and making a real difference to your business

  • Growing your existing and upcoming leaders through developing their leadership, Management, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Coaching making a difference to your business through individual, team and executive coaching aimed at driving business performance and contribution

  • Outplacement support, making a difference by providing a quality, value driven service when people leave your employment.

  • Employee Engagement survey’s and clinics, ensuring you have the information and expertise necessary to drive your businesses engagement levels and ultimately improving your businesses performance.

  • Getting the right people, providing an interviewing service which ensures you have the Job description, person characteristics, skills, energy and competencies you require and then interviewing ensuring you have the right person for the role.

  • HR services providing a wealth of professional services on either a retained or pay as you go service. This service includes all aspects of employment law including grievances, redundancies, compromise agreements and performance issues.

  • HR Training providing technical training on, employment law, appraisals, objective setting and recruitment. ??


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