What We Do

Starfish works in 6 core development areas
  1. Driving High Performance through Leadership, Management & Team development.

  2. Executive, Individual and Team Coaching.

  3. Team Events and Corporate Hospitality through the use of ‘Starfish Enterprise’

  4. Career & Outplacement Coaching including CV & Interviewing skills.

  5. Insights Discovery Production of individual / team profiles and team events

  6. NLP Programs including Values, Beliefs & Alignment work.
Providing 7 core HR Services
  1. Employee Engagement Surveys, action planning and engagement clinics

  2. Restructuring & Redundancy service

  3. Bespoke Employment Contracts & Employment Handbooks

  4. Appraisal & Performance Management systems

  5. Recruitment, Interviewing, Succession Planning & Reward and Benefits packages

  6. Employment Law and the provision of an Independent Mediation Service

  7. Training programs for Appraisal, objective setting, employment law and Recruitment

Some of our Philosophies & Beliefs

The notion of ‘People Magic’

At Starfish we believe that people are ‘magic’ and can do the most extraordinary and amazing things. Many times they are the real difference between spectacular business success and ultimate failure.

In most businesses, ‘stuff’ gets done by people and therefore at Starfish we support, develop, coach and encourage people to bring more of their ‘magic’ into the workplace. By encouraging more ‘magic’ we believe that people then contribute, bring their ideas, goodwill, become more effective and ultimately higher performing, contributing more to the business. The power of the ‘notion of magic’ is that it creates a fractal pattern within the business, creating an environment in which people contribute, add value and commit to making or being the difference.

The power of ‘purpose’

In all of the Starfish coaching, leadership and management interventions, we have yet to find a single employee, senior manager or board member who comes to work to do a bad job. Intriguingly it appears that a lack of understanding of their purpose and role is usually behind why things aren’t or don’t go according to plan and usually they have no idea why! Paradoxically when Starfish works with high performing teams it seems that having clear and very well communicated mission, purpose and goals statements are prevalent and front of mind. Therefore at Starfish we like to use the second of Steven Covey’s 7 habits by ‘beginning with the end in mind’. We like to fully understand and draw out what the business purpose and mission is. Starfish then ensure everyone is aligned and committed to delivering the business or team purpose.

‘Agreements’ and the notion of ‘what people create they care for

In our experience if people ‘agree’ to do something they usually deliver it. The challenge is how do you creating a culture of doing what you say and have agreed to, is a great starting point. However it is not just about making agreements the notion of “what people create they care for” is also important. If people have had an involvement and believe they have created the agreement then they are more than likely to deliver it. Agreeing what we will and won’t do and what we will and won’t accept from a business and team perspective is one of the key stepping-stones to building a high performing team.